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Curriculum Basic Intermediate Advanced
Spanish Curriculum - Basic Level
  • Understand the general idea of simple informational texts and short simple descriptions, especially if they contain pictures which help to explain the text fill in forms with personal details.
  • Spanish sounds
  • alphabet
  • verb to be
  • Personal biographical information
  • Understand very short, simple texts, putting together familiar names, words and basic phrases, by for example rereading parts of the text
  • Article
  • Family
  • Write simple notes to friends
  • Demonstratives
  • Friends
  • Describe where live
  • Indefinites
  • House and home
  • Understand short, simple texts written in common everyday
  • Interrogatives
  • School and classroom Subjects
  • Understand everyday expressions dealing with simple and concrete everyday needs, in clear, slow and repeated speech
  • Exclamatives
  • Leisure
  • Understand phrases and expressions related to immediate needs
  • Noun
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Understand simple instructions on equipment encountered in everyday life such as a public telephone
  • Noun function
  • Clothing
  • Write short,simple notes and messages relating to matters of everyday life
  • Noun gender
  • Size
  • Understand enough to be able to meet concrete needs in everyday life
  • Noun number
  • Quantity
  • Understand enough to dealing age simple, routine exchanges without too much effort
  • Adjectives
  • Identify the main point of TV news items reporting events, accidents, etc, where
  • Adjective function
  • Weather
  • Identify the main point of TV news items reporting events, accidents, etc, where-the visual material supports the commentary
  • Adjectives types
  • Seasons
  • Understand short simple personal letters
  • Understand standard routine letters and faxes on familiar topics
  • Adjectives grades
  • Color
  • Explain what like or dislike about something
  • Tribal*
  • Shapes
  • Understand numbers, prices and times
  • Verb
  • Numbers
  • Find specific information in simple everyday material such as advertisements,brochures, menus and timetables
  • Verb accidents
  • Days
  • Give short, basic descriptions of events and activities
  • Indicative present
  • Dates
  • Understand short, simple messages, on postcards
  • Indicative perfect past
  • Months
  • Describe past activities and personal experiences
  • Indefinite past
  • Time
  • Describe plans and arrangements
  • Indicative imperfect future
  • Daily routines
  • Understand everyday signs and notices in public places, such as streets,restaurants, railway stations and in workplace
  • Indicative imperfect past
  • Food eating customs
  • Understand short simple texts related to my job
  • Plus perfect past
  • Music
  • Identify the main point of TV news items reporting events, accidents, etc
  • Previous past
  • Sports
  • Where the visual material supports the commentary
  • Indicative perfect future
  • Games
  • Follow short, simple written instructions, especially if they contain recognise familiar names, words and very simple phrases on simple notices in
  • Imperative
  • Symbols and signs
  • Understand questions and instructions and follow short,simple directions
  • Simple conditional
  • Geography
  • Understand the essential information from short recorded passages dealing
  • with predictable everyday matters which are spoken slowly and clearly
  • Perfect conditional
  • Money and prices
  • Express desires
  • Subjunctive
  • Shopping
  • Identify specific information in simple written material such as letters,brochures and short newspaper articles describing events
  • Present subjunctive
  • Holidays
  • Catch the dealing point in short, clear,simple messages and announcements
  • Subjunctive perfect past
  • Celebrations
  • Express emotional states
  • Subjunctive imperfect past
  • Gestures
  • Understand simple directions relating to how to get from X to Y, by foot or public transport
  • Subjunctive plus perfect past
  • Transportation
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