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Our program is designed to encourage students to start speaking Spanish from day one. Each lesson features, and is built around, live one-on-one interactions with a native speaking tutor. Conversations will focus on topics that are most important to you: finance, school, traveling, etc. Simply share with us your goals, wants and desires and we will craft a program specifically tailored to your needs.
Through conversations with your tutor, you will learn how to speak Spanish fluently using present, past and future tenses. Our conversational approach also places emphasis on your listening comprehension and writing skills. We use slideshows, videos, current articles and other interactive resources to ensure that the learning process is as fun and engaging as possible.
What you need (software and hardware)
Although our program is centered around the computer, we want to make sure that anyone, regardless of their level of technical proficiency, will feel comfortable using it. We want to emphasize that you do not need to be a "computer person" to use our services. The only things we request of you prior to taking your first lesson are the following:
Software :We have selected Skype as our method of communication. Skype is easy to use and completely free, allowing users to make free phone calls from computer to computer. Skype is currently used by more than 400 million people around the world. You can download or learn more about Skype directly at skype.com.
For the optimal Skype experience your computer most have a high speed (DSL or Cable) Internet connection.
Headset :We strongly recommend the use of headphones/speaker headset. It allows you to clearly hear your Spanish tutor's pronunciation. It also blocks out all external noises for optimal concentration. If you do not have one, you can buy a headset directly at Skype or at any local electronic store. Usually you can get a great quality headset for about $15. If you are new to Skype, please make sure to test your system at least once prior to your first lesson. You can always go to our homepage and click on the "live help" link. We will be glad to call you and make sure your system works properly.
Materials: We will provide everything you need. Simply bring a notebook and a pen to class and you are ready to go!
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How it works
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