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What our students said:
Our Spanish tutors are native speakers who have earned college degrees in Education or possess very extensive experience in the field of Education.

Each and every one of the 1To1Languages Spanish tutors have at least two years of experience teaching Spanish as a Second Language. (both online and offline)

In addition to that, we look to hire tutors that are passionate about education. This ensures that our private Spanish teachers are not just native speakers looking to make a few extra bucks (like in many real-world language institutes or other online programs) but are real professional Spanish teachers that actually love to teach and take pride in the progress of their students.

1To1languages.com - Tutors team

What she does now : Spanish and English teacher for children from ages 1 to 11 in a public elementary school in Bogota, Colombia. Spanish teacher for 1To1Languages

Before joining 1To1Languages : English private teacher for children and teenagers..

Where she's from : Bogota, Colombia

Where she's based : Bogota, Colombia

Where she's happiest : Spending time with my family, reading a good book, taking time out to appreciate the simply joys of nature and the beautiful Colombian countryside.


What he does now : Spanish and English teacher for 1To1Languages.

Before joining 1To1Languages : Working as Spanish and English teacher from Compartir School, and Pedagogic University of Bogota

Where he's from : Bogota, Colombia

Where he's based : Bogota, Colombia

Where he's happiest : Enjoying good times with my family and friends, reading for pleasure and enjoying a good movie with friends.

Academic Director

What she does now : Spanish and English teacher for children from ages 5 to 1l in a public elementary school in Bogota. Spanish teacher for 1to1Languages.

Before joining 1To1Languages: English teacher for students of Accounting in the SENA

Where she's from : Bogota, In spite of its problems, for me it's the best place to live

Where she's based : Bogota, Colombia

Where she's happiest : : Listening to the music of Serrat, Pablo Milanes and Silvio Rodriguez, reading Benedetti and Neruda poems, talking with my friends and playing with my children.


What she does now : At this moment I am teaching English to teenagers. I am studying and I am learning origami.

Before joining 1To1Languages : I was working with foreign people who came to Colombia to learn Spanish. I worked with Korean, French, Italian and North American people. I was learning French.

Where she's from : I'm from Bogota, Colombia, more precisely, from a town that is just outside the city. I love this town because its climate is very good and its people are very friendly and nice too

Where she's based : Bogota, Colombia

Where she's happiest : I'm happiest in a very natural place with a lot of space and with animal sounds. Also, I'm happiest in a place that I can rest for a lot of hours and not think about anything.

1to1 Official Time :January 18, 2018,
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